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Well what would you like to know?.....

I'm a true Essex girl, naughty but nice in all the right ways. Now 30 I know what I like, and enjoy my life escorting. I'm happiest when spending my time with men and ladies that know how to have fun. I enjoy eating out or eating in, I didn't get my curvy size 10 figure from eating a lettuce leaf. The only thing fake about me is my hair colour, well nature had to get something wrong. What you see is what you get, all pictures on this site are me. I've natural rhythm on and off the dance floor, and am always in need of a partner to do the Tango with. So, if your looking for an escort in Chelmsford to dance the night away with, look no further.

My Charity Choice

As a women and an escort, the charity National Ugly Mugs is close to my heart. The work they do for women in the sex trade that are at risk is unbelievable. The charity has innovative ways of working with incall and outcall escorts, and working girls on the street. These innovations have dramatically made a difference to sex workers and escorts safety, sexual health, and an awareness of human rights in the industry. I am proud to sponsor National Ugly Mugs, if you would like to make a difference to escorts and working girls in the UK, please visit and make a donation.

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Simply ring up and book over the phone on 07383294423, or complete an online booking form, and I will contact you as soon as I can.