If you have never booked an escort, you probably have lots of questions that your not sure how or even if you should ask. Here are a few questions I get asked a lot, with my answers. I hope it helps.

How can I book you?

This sounds easy, but booking an escort can be a very daunting experience if it is your first time. Simply ring up and have a chat with me. I will try my best to guide you through the process. Make sure you have the details of where you will like to meet, and remember I only do outcalls.

What is the difference between an incall and an outcall?

The easiest way to remember which way round these two are, is to think, is the escort travelling to me or not? If the escort is travelling as in going out then this is known as an outcall. If the escort is staying in one location and you are going to them, this is known as an incall.

Why do I have to give an address?

I require an address to be able to tell you if I can make a booking, and what time I can be there for. You don't have to give your door number when making an enquiry but I do need a postcode. It is impossible for me to say if I can get to you, if I don't know where you are.

How do I pay?

Please pay by cash or bank transfer on arrival. That way we can both relax and enjoy our time together.

Where can I meet you?

I can meet you at your home or a hotel once you are checked in. For security I have to have an address of where you are. From there we can always go out for dinner, a film, or anything else you may like to do before returning to either your home or hotel.

Can I extend our time once you have arrived?

Yes I would love to spend longer with you, but only if I have no other bookings afterwards. I always do my best to not let people down.

Can I book you in advance?

Yes, if you know exactly where and what time you would like to meet then I will put it in the diary. I do however take a deposit of £50.00 for advance bookings of four hours or over.