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As an escort it is never easy to decide where to get your photos done. You want them to look good but not like a porn magazine. Also finding a professional photographer who works in the adult industry, that will treat you with respect without paying the earth, is another issue entirely. After searching the internet and talking to many photographers, I finally made my decision. I had the photoshoot done with a lady called Tracey Hill, who owns Simply Boudoir and Tracey Hill Photography. I'm so happy that I had the shoot done with her. She organised a brilliant make up artist, wasted I know as you can't really see my face, but the make up she did was amazing. Tracey from our first call put me completely at ease. She has met a lot of people from the escort industry and completely respects what we do. She is very good at getting you into positions for the camera and worked really well with the lighting. The shoot was so much fun, I didn't want it to end.

Tracey also does all her own editing with real talent, and she is very quick at getting the results to you, on your online private gallery. Once you have the gallery, you just select your favourites, and she sends them to you. It really was that simple. If any escort is looking to have their photos done I can not recommend Tracey highly enough. Also, if you want to just have a glamour shoot, or treat someone you care about, then Tracey is the photographer for you. The website is

Lucy xx